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Our Mission

To honour and care for our patients and ourselves. To deliver high quality General practice, incorporating age-old wisdom, modern research and open-mindedness.

Our Aims

Peninsula Holistic General Practice aims to be a medical centre where you feel cared for, listened to and appreciated. We hope to create a paradigm shift in thinking about health and well-being in an empowering way and giving you the tools, knowledge, encouragement and passion to make the changes towards a healthier you.

We also aim to take care of the people involved in this practice. We believe that by looking after the staff and practitioners and encouraging self care and wellness within our practice, we will further benefit you as patients.

Our values

• We value our families and acknowledge how important they are to our well-being
• We values our own health
• We value each other and our impact on others
• We values good medicine
• We value our stories and our lessons and we value yours too.

Our Hopes

We hope to bring you the best possible model for health care; we believe time is very important in proper diagnosis, education, counselling, validation and for respecting each other.

We hope that this model of care becomes the Medicine of the FUTURE.

nothing changes if nothing changes