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Common questions about the clinic…
Additional Charges Policy

In the event of that you need a service outside of a consultation, additional fees are charged. This Practice charges $30 plus GST as an administration fee for the following:
• Replacement of lost/out of date prescriptions, pathology/xray referrals and specialist referrals (in the event that an appointment is not needed)
• Accessing and releasing your medical records to a new doctor. Reports will be charged privately and are priced according to the time taken to produce them:
• Insurance reports
• Other private reports such as affidavits, court reports etc.


Booking an appointment

To book an appointment, phone (03) 5986 4229 and reception will find a suitable time for you. If you need to be seen urgently, we will endeavour to find a time.

Initial appointments: Our doctors require all initial appointments to be 1 hour long. In this one hour consultation a comprehensive history will be taken, and usually a follow up appointment will be booked. It can be most helpful to bring along any relevant past blood test results, reports, scans or xrays or specialist letters. If you wish to transfer your medical history from a previous doctor, on the day of your consult our doctor will send a signed letter requesting your history be forwarded to us. This letter will need to be signed by you.

Follow up appointments: General follow-up appointments are usually 10 to 30 minutes long. For multiple issues to discuss, please book a longer appointment.

What if I can’t get through? We are a small business and sometimes get very busy with patient management and assisting other people at the front desk. In the event that you are unable to get through, please do try again at a later time.  

How do I make sure my results are back prior to my next appointment?

The doctors at PHGP use both conventional pathology and radiology labs in addition to  functional medicine labs. If you would like to make sure that your results are available and have been sent to your doctor, please make sure you follow up with the appropriate laboratory.

Here is a list of commonly used labs. These labs will be able to let you know if your results have been finalised. Please allow 48 hours, as late cancellations are not appreciated and cancellation fees may apply.

How this practice is different from other general practices...

We are a team of doctors with training in western medicine. This means we can order pathology tests, x-rays and imaging, refer to other specialists and allied health practitioners, and order hospital tests. We work within the Medicare system and have affiliations with other natural therapists too such as chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths to name a few. We can also prescribe pharmaceutical medications and write scripts.

We have chosen to set up the clinic in a particular way that allows you adequate time to address all aspects of your particular condition. We also have short appointments available for acute medical needs too. We are happy for you to book an appointment time that suits your needs.

We believe that preventing illness is very important and that health is not simply the absence of disease but a feeling of well-being, vitality and mental clarity. We believe that good medicine takes times and the best results come from this. We aim to treat underlying causes and not just the symptoms.

Have you ever asked yourself?

• Why can’t I get better?
• Why did I get this disease?
• Is there something more I can do to help myself?

We aim to provide you with an experienced doctor who wants to give you the opportunity to explore other possibilities for healing. We want to invite you into a partnership with us, to help you help yourself.

Do you want to be empowered with tools, knowledge and permission to change when it comes to your health?

Do you want to have the opportunity to ask yourself “How good can my health be?”

PHGP gives you the opportunity to view your health differently.

Follow-up results policy

Please don’t assumed that this Practice will notify you of all your test results. It is your responsibility to seek your test results and book a follow-up appointment. We also encourage you to collect your results so that you can maintain your own health record and be educated and involved in your health prevention. We recommend at your visit, that you re-book your next appointment. This way you are sure to be seen within the appropriate time frame to discuss pathology results and any treatment options at your next visit.

If however a result is abnormal, you will be contacted to arrange an appointment if we have not heard from you within a reasonable time. This holistic practice tends to focus on preventative and nutritional medicine and as such even normal results, when viewed in context, can tell the practitioner a great deal. Take the example of a person suffering from fatigue, just because all of the tests come back as normal does not mean that we have ordered all appropriate tests, and perhaps more may be needed ( under medicare every tests needs to be justified such that only certain tests can be ordered only if another one has already been done).It may also mean we can start therapy based on the normal results.

Cancellation/Confirmation Policy

In order to respect each other’s time, we ask that you please make all efforts to confirm your appointment with us. If you need to cancel a one hour appointment we ask that you please give us 48 hours notice. If we have not heard from you, we will give you a courtesy call. In the event of a late cancellation ie cancelling on the day, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the appointment time. Failure to attend an appointment,a cancellation fee equivalent to the full standard fees will apply.

PHGP privacy policy

All patient information is private and confidentiality of patient information is maintained at all times. The rights of every patient are respected. All information collected by this Practice in providing a health service is deemed to be private and confidential. This Practice complies with Federal and State privacy regulations including the Privacy Act (1998), the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act (2000) and Victorian Health Records Act (2001) as well as the standards set out in the RACGP Handbook for the Management of Health Information in Private Medical Practice 1st Edition (2002). Patient’s medical records are medico-legal documents and are not to be left where they could be viewed by others, especially on the reception desk. Patient information is not to be discussed with or shown to staff members unless this is required for the reasonable provision of patient care. Patient conditions should not be discussed within the hearing of others. Patient information cannot be disclosed to the families of patients or any other party unless the patient or their authorised representative has given consent (in writing if applicable). Under no circumstances are employees of this Practice to discuss or in any way reveal patient conditions or documentation to unauthorised staff, colleagues, other patients, family or friends, whether at the Practice or outside it, such as in the home or at social occasions. This includes patient’s accounts, referral letters or other clinical documentation. General Practitioners and staff are aware of confidentiality requirements for all patient encounters and recognise that significant breaches of confidentiality may provide grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal. Every employee of this Practice is aware of the privacy policy and has signed a privacy statement as part of their terms and conditions of employment. This privacy statement continues to be binding on employees even after their employment has terminated. Each patient has the right to access to their personal information kept by the practice, in accordance with the Commonwealth Privacy Act (1998) & Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act (2000). If you would like your records sent to another doctor a signed request must be sent from that doctor before a record is released. You may access your record, however an administration fee may be associated with its release to cover costs.For further information please request to see our privacy policy or visit or Health Services Commissioner Tel: 8601-5200.

Collection Statement

Any member of the Peninsula Holistic General Practice team can assist patients with their enquiries. Practice team members can be contacted by phone during practice opening hours Monday to Friday 9.00am till 5pm on 03 59864229. Contact can also be made via the website www.peninsula and or by emailing

Patients can access their own heath information or have records sent to another doctor however a signed request/consent is required to release patient’s health records. An administration fee of $30 plus GST will be associated with its release to cover costs.

All information collected by this Practice in providing a health service is deemed to be private and confidential. Patient information is collected for the purpose of providing patient care, health services and safety and is not discussed with or shown to any staff members unless this is required for the reasonable provision of such care.

Patient consent will be obtained, prior to disclosing any patient health information with any other organisations. These organisations may include: Pathology Services, Allied Health Services, Nurses, Specialists and or Hospitals.

Peninsula Holistic may be required or authorised by or under the Privacy Principles 2014, or a court/tribunal order, to collect information.

Peninsula Holistic General Practice requires certain information from you the patient, to enable us to provide you with an appropriate level of care and health management. If the personal information you provide us is incomplete and/or inaccurate or you choose not to provide us with this information, this may affect our ability to provide you with the necessary level of care and safety.

For further information please see our privacy policy or visit or Health Services Commissioner Tel: 8601-5200

What to expect at the appointment

Your first appointment with your doctor at Peninsula Holistic General practice will be an hour in length. This will give your doctor time to cover many issues with you. You may be asked about a whole range of things depending upon your history and needs. For example you may be asked about your diet, your stresses, your illnesses (past and present), your medications, your supplements, your emotions, your spirituality, your family, your work, your environment to name a few. You and your doctor will have the chance to reflect on your health and bring up all of your health and well-being concerns.

We have a quote at this practice ‘every condition can be helped, just not everybody’. What that means is that much of the healing is up to you. It is our job to give you the tools, the building blocks (ie the nutrients), the motivation, the support, the knowledge and the guidance but the rest is up to you. Please bring with you all your recent investigations and supplements. Also please write a list of all your issues and concerns so we can see how many we can address at the first appointment.  

Where do I get the recommended supplements?

The doctor’s at PHGP if appropriate prescribe some high quality nutrients and herbals ‘ practitioner only’ preparations. The nutritional health industry is a mind field for the consumer and the feedback we were getting was that people were finding it difficult to get the exact formulas we would like them to be on. As such we decided to start a small dispensary to stock the more uncommon or hard to get nutritional supplements for our patients.

Please be aware that you are under no obligation to purchase products from the dispensary which may be suggested by the doctor. We offer this only as a service to those who find it helpful.  Please note this service is not a shop and only available to active patients. Some supplements may be dangerous over a prolonged period if not monitored. Please ensure you follow the safety recommendations provided by your doctor and take only as directed.

Common questions about our practice…
What conditions do well with a holistic approach?

We are open to seeing anyone who wants to help themselves with their own health and well-being. All conditions can be seen and explored via the holistic medical model. The most important criteria is that you are willing to engage in a partnership with us, to help us guide you toward better health.


What is holistic medicine?

Holistic medicine is an approach that recognised each person as whole and unique, rather than as a disease or collection of symptoms. It acknowledges that each person has a natural capacity for well-being and that ideal of well-being is personal. The capacity for wellness can be utilised in times of stress and when facing more extreme life challenges. Holistic medicine appreciates the need for health on many different levels – physical, mental, emotional, nutritional, spiritual, social, environmental, financial, and familial.

Holistic medicine recognises that the definition of health changes over time, with wisdom and with differing beliefs and we aim to consider and respect these differences. Holistic medicine is a medicine that respects the partnership that is required between the patient and the doctor, and we hope that we can empower and encourage you to take on that responsibility, in either small steps or large leaps, which ever you are ready for. We accept the benefits of what modern medicine has given us and integrate that into the age-old wisdom from the past. Holistic medicine accepts that healing is not just the curing of disease it is engaging and learning from the illness in all its manifestations.

Holistic medicine, means looking after ourselves and our staff as best we can to care for you well.